Cotton Stripes Socks (Uitverkocht)

€ 17,00
These socks featuring a fine two-tone striped design in an ultra-soft, light cotton material look youthful, bold and fresh. The striped design looks great under trousers and long skirts, whilst it creates an unusual highlight when teamed with a miniskirt or hot pants.
  • Matt look
  • High cotton content
  • High elasticity
  • Integrated reinforced heel for a perfect fit
  • Reinforced sole for optimal durability
  • Soft, comfortable cuffs
  • Besteld vandaag. Voorziene leverdatum 23/09/2020

    • machine wash cold gentle machine wash cold gentle
    • do not bleach do not bleach
    • do not tumble dry do not tumble dry
    • do not iron do not iron
    • do not dry clean do not dry clean
    • main material 69% cotton, 26% nylon, 5% elastane